Walking in the Sacred Grove

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Maybe you've known me from before, maybe not.  If you've got to this point and have friended me, well, I guess you should know that I'm not as sane as I should, that I'm a hardworking ,and that I live in another world.  The rest of me...I guess you'll find it out as you read through the pages of this journal.

I'm known as Ariadne, Moon, Marge, and well, that's fine.  I've been given a lot of names by a lot of people; all friends, thanks God.

I speak languages, and that's pretty much what I do for a living, speak in languages different from my own.  I write in every single time I have free and I love the fact that through it, I'm learning tons.  That's what you'll find the most on this journal, my ramblings on writing and the fandoms that I like and stuff like that; personal things are under filters.

Though I've just changed the name of this journal for "Tales from a New Full Moon"; I'm still related to the labyrinth, and the minotaur and all that myth. I'm just going through some major changes, and well, Ariadne was also a lady of the moon after all. 

This is a place for my waxing and waning.  For all my comings and goings, and I hope you feel fine around.

The moon looks upon night flowers;

the night flowers see but one moon.

-Sir William Jones -

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